Djokovic Likely 'Not Worried' After Indian Wells Loss Says Former World No. 1

Djokovic Likely 'Not Worried' After Indian Wells Loss Says Former World No. 1

by Zachary Wimer

Former world number one Mats Wilander is not worried about Novak Djokovic's form after his most recent loss at the Indian Wells Open.

This year will be a rather interesting one for Djokovic. He's been getting up there in age for a while now, and many wondered whether he would have the typical 'falling off' that so many players before him have had.

The Serbian was pretty dominant last year, winning 57 matches and losing only 8. He won multiple Grand Slams but didn't look quite as dominant this year.

He's already up to three losses in only 11 matches played, and two of those were against players who he generally beats easily. There is a noticeable drop in level, but that doesn't worry former world number one Mats Wilander.

Speaking exclusively to Eurosport, Wilander discussed Djokovic and his form after the recent shocking loss to Luca Nardi, who is ranked outside the Top 100 on the ATP Tour.

"I'm not worried. I was always worried about Novak winning too much and I think the last few years he hasn't won too much on tour, which is why he's winning so many Grand Slam tournaments because he's fresh. I don't think it matters. Novak knows all this. I wouldn't worry and I'm sure he's not worried either."

It's an interesting perspective from Wilander, and there is some logic behind that. If we look at last year, by the time May rolled around, Djokovic already had three losses to his name, so the pace of losses is quite similar this year.

He was then beaten in Rome by Holger Rune but still won Roland Garros. He nearly won Wimbledon and then won the US Open, so he can find his best level as the year goes on. It has happened before, but time will tell whether this is truly him losing a step or just a minor drop in level.


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