Djokovic Extends 'Big Titles' Lead Over Nadal & Federer After Cincinnati Triumph

Djokovic Extends 'Big Titles' Lead Over Nadal & Federer After Cincinnati Triumph

by Evita Mueller

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Novak Djokovic earned another big trophy at the Cincinnati Masters recently, and he extended his lead over other players in the big titles category.

The Serbian produced a stunning effort to come back and win against Carlos Alcaraz, becoming the Cincinnati Masters champion once more, despite fighting a heat stroke. It was a tremendous effort from the Serbian, for whom the win means a lot of great things.

It basically ensured that he'd return to number one after the US Open unless he losses in the first round, and it also increased his overall ATP Masters 1000 tally. That number now stands at an incredible 39, which is the most out of all players.

Djokovic extended his lead over Rafael Nadal, who has 36, and Roger Federer, who has 28. It's not the only category in which Djokovic leads compared to the other members of the Big Three, as he also has six ATP Finals, which is the same amount Roger Federer has.

Rafael Nadal, for example, never won the event, but on the other hand, he has a gold Olympic medal. When it comes to the Grand Slams, it's pretty known by now. Djokovic is at the top with 23 Grand Slam trophies, while Rafael Nadal has 22 of those. Roger Federer retired with 20, so his number won't be going up any time soon.

These tournaments are called the big titles in tennis, and Djokovic extended his lead in that category as well. With 23 Grand Slams, 6 ATP Finals, and 39 Masters, the Serbian now has 68 big titles. It's the best mark out of all the Big Three members.

Nadal has 59 right now, while Roger Federer has 54, which is insufficient to dethrone Novak Djokovic. It's an incredible addition to the legacy of Djokovic, which is hard to list out unless you have a few days of spare time. And it keeps growing, as crazy as it sounds.


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