Djokovic Dismisses Retirement Talks Once Again After Historic 24th Grand Slam Title

Djokovic Dismisses Retirement Talks Once Again After Historic 24th Grand Slam Title

by Sebastian Dahlman

Novak Djokovic had to confirm again that he's not thinking about retirement, especially given how well he plays.

Despite being already 36, Djokovic is still playing his best, and he's undoubtedly the best player on the ATP Tour right now, which is confirmed also by the fact that he leads the latest ATP Rankings.

The win over Medvedev won him the 3rd Grand Slam trophy this year meaning that he outplayed the rest of the Tour in the biggest events by a wide margin. He was on the verge of beating Carlos Alcaraz at Wimbledon, so he could have won all four of them.

Add his competitive spirit to that, and you have a player who is nowhere near retiring from the sport he loves, and that's what he confirmed once more after the final match at the 2023 US Open.

But knowing that I play at such a high level still and I win the biggest tournaments in this sport, yeah, I don't want to get rid of this sport or I don't want to leave this sport if I'm still at the top, you know, if I'm still playing the way I'm playing.

Obviously, things can change rapidly in tennis, and we've seen players fall off quickly, but it's not likely to happen with Djokovic, considering how seriously he takes this. He's truly the most committed player on Tour, and it shows in the results.

His game is ever-evolving, and even his body, while not as strong as it once was, is still one of the best on Tour. The Roland Garros match against Alcaraz proved that quite convincingly, so get used to Djokovic because he's not going anywhere anytime soon.

There is no reason, and as he said before, he'll retire once he can't compete at the highest level anymore. We're far from that.


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