Djokovic 'Can Get Two More' Grand Slam Titles According To Bouchard

Djokovic 'Can Get Two More' Grand Slam Titles According To Bouchard

by Zachary Wimer

Novak Djokovic can win at least two more Grand Slams, according to Eugenie Bouchard, who stood in one major final herself.

The Canadian was once a very promising tennis player who had success at Wimbledon when she was younger. Due to injuries and other problems, she could never fully realize her potential, but she was a player who might have become world number one in an alternate universe.

Now, she works as an analyst for the Tennis Channel, and Bouchard analyzed Djokovic's prospects of winning a few more Grand Slams in the future. Some have thrown around the number 30 casually a year ago, but with how things recently progressed, it seems unrealistic.

This year has been mostly a struggle for the 37-year-old, and a recent knee injury showed that he is indeed human like the rest of us. For Bouchard, two more Grand Slams seem more realistic.

"I think he can get two more, and I don’t think there’s ever gonna be the lack of motivation because we see that from him right now. It’s all about the health, if he can be healthy enough to string together those seven matches over two weeks."

Motivation will be a huge factor at his age because for Djokovic, who has won everything, staying motivated is not easy. He's confirmed a few times that he's still very motivated, even though some are doubting him.

However, is he motivated to do everything else required to do daily while also spending time with his family? That's the proper question because, at his age, it's a lot more than just rolling out of bed into his tennis kit.

It includes practices, eating, and gym time every day, especially since his kids are growing up quickly and, sooner rather than later, will be on their way to living their own lives.


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