Djokovic Becomes First Tennis Player To Earn $180 Million In Career Prize Money

Djokovic Becomes First Tennis Player To Earn $180 Million In Career Prize Money

Novak Djokovic has become the first tennis player in history to amass $180 million ($180,643,353) in career prize money thanks to his 7th ATP Finals title win last weekend.

The Serbian star defeated Jannik Sinner in the championship match in Turin, exacting revenge on his group-stage defeat, and pocketed the second-largest paycheck in ATP history amounting to $4,411,500. Had he gone undefeated he would have broken his own record from last year when he won close to $5 million.

Djokovic's success hasn't just come from winning titles, but he is being paid handsomely for his efforts. He has been regularly advocating for efficiency when it comes to his current purple patch that has seen him notch seven ATP titles in 2023 - the most by any player.

Djokovic has played just 12 ATP events, the fewest among the majority of top players, but still topped the list in terms of titles won and season prize money. He earned $15,952,044 in 2023 (singles and doubles) having won over 50% of the tournaments he entered.

It's not by accident he remains one of the fittest players on tour and even at 36, he is not showing any physical weaknesses. Recently, French coach Patrick Mouratoglou stated he could play into his 40s. Over half of Novak Djokovic's career earnings have been generated in the past 13 years.

Djokovic has earned $10 million or more in a single season on nine occasions and remains to date, the only player to complete a $20 million season (won $21,146,145 in 2015). And on the current trajectory, he is well placed to hit a milestone $200 million mark within two years at the earliest.

There are strong suggestions he could play at least for another three or four years. Djokovic is still chasing the most singles titles record on the ATP Tour, and his coach Goran Ivanisevic predicted he will play at the 2028 Olympics.


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