Djokovic Admits He Wants To Break Connors' Record For Most Titles

Djokovic Admits He Wants To Break Connors' Record For Most Titles

by Evita Mueller

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By winning the Paris Masters and ATP Finals, Novak Djokovic got closer to Jimmy Connors in the most titles won, and it's a record he wants to break.

Novak Djokovic holds many tennis records, but he'd like to get more. For example, he holds the record for most weeks spent at number one, which is now over 400 weeks, and it's actually one of the records that won't be broken in the future, according to Nikola Pilic, a former coach of Djokovic.

The Serbian would like to set a few more records that might never get broken, and one of those is the record held by Jimmy Connors for the most singles trophies won.

Jimmy Connors holds the record for most singles titles ever won at 109. Roger Federer is currently number two on that list with 103 trophies, but Djokovic is closing in.

He's currently sitting at 98, which is within striking distance if we look at the way he's playing right now. He's quite motivated to get it done, according to a recent interview with Marca.

That's a good question. Probably the record for most titles. I want to win as many tournaments as possible and pass Connors. There are always records on the horizon that can be broken. Likewise, I want to have my own records and my own history, that's the most important thing. To win the big titles, I have to maintain the level of intensity, dedication and motivation.

Djokovic to Marca

It will be interesting whether there will be some calculations by Djokovic in that regard. Perhaps a few ATP 250 events here and there simply to 'boost' the stats.

It's not like he needs it because he's been so good and winning consistently but when records are concerned then why not? The more you have, the better it is.


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