'Chasing Something That Was Impossible Physically': Ruud Weighs In On Nadal's Injury

'Chasing Something That Was Impossible Physically': Ruud Weighs In On Nadal's Injury

Roland Garros this year will feature only one player that played in the final last year and that will be Casper Ruud who is disappointed to not have Rafael Nadal at the event.

Rafael Nadal officially withdrew from Roland Garros by announcing the decision with a special press conference where he outlined what his future will look like. The immediate one is blurry as he doesn't know when he'll come back but it won't be soon.

The likely return is next year with that season likely to be his last on the ATP Tour. It was sad news for all Nadal fans including Ruud who grew up watching Nadal. Having been part of his Academy, Ruud has a strong relationship with the Spaniard which only grew stronger during the South American Tour last year. Ruud talked about the Spaniard's withdrawal in Rome following his loss to Rune.

Yeah, obviously was a lot of speculation whether he was going to play Roland Garros or not, I guess. I'm sure he tried his best to be ready and fit. He's obviously always going to be the favourite if he plays. I think he was sort of chasing something that was impossible physically. I think he had a lot of pain and sort of decided that I gave all this effort for sort of nothing and not be ready for Roland Garros.

Ruud's assessment is likely correct because footage showing Nadal in practice days before his press conference showed him hunched over and in a lot of discomfort, suggesting he wasn't truly fit for tennis. Ruud also reflected on Nadal's decision to walk away from the sport in 2024.

I think it's going to be smart decision to take some months off, like he said. Next year might be the last. Who knows. I hope that he can have a nice finish and end to his career. I'm sure he hopes that, as well.I mean, it's inevitable that a player, no matter how good and great you are, will at some point end their career. Roger did it last year. Might look like Rafa is one of the next sort of legends to do so.

Getting ready for the 2024 season will be tricky for Nadal as hip injuries can be devastating. Until he returns to the courts, there will always be doubt whether he will truly return. Like many, Ruud hopes that Nadal will be back.

I think that we will see him around in a year or so here maybe in Rome, Roland Garros maybe. Who knows. I think that's his goal and wish, and I hope that he can fulfill his goals and wishes


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