Andy Murray Hints At Becoming Coach After Upcoming Retirement From Tennis

Andy Murray Hints At Becoming Coach After Upcoming Retirement From Tennis

by Zachary Wimer

Andy Murray is bidding farewell to tennis at this year's Wimbledon, but he likely won't leave the sport completely because he may become a coach after his retirement.

The British player has always been quite open about his love for tennis, and it was possible that he was never going to leave the sport. He was always going to stick around in one way or another, and coaching seemed to be the most natural transition.

He's hinted at coaching in the past, name-dropping Emma Raducanu as a player he'd like to coach. Time will tell whether they ever partner up in that way, but they're going to play some mixed doubles this year at Wimbledon.

After losing in the first round of the doubles event with his brother Jamie, Murray spoke at length on the Centre Court with broadcasting legend Sue Barker. During the talk, he was asked about coming back next year and watching tennis on the Centre Court.

Murray confirmed that he would be back in the future but dropped a little hint at coaching, admitting that he'd be most comfortable watching a match from the coach's box.

"Yeah, I'm not never going to come back here. I like watching tennis; I watch it all the time, but I'd probably be more comfortably sitting up there in the coach's box."

Murray hints at coaching career in the future

It remains to be seen whether the transition will happen quickly and if we'll see Murray as a coach already at next year's Wimbledon. However, if he makes the decision to become a coach, it would certainly be great for the sport.

Not many former players venture down that path, especially not legends like Murray, who have given the sport so much, and his presence on the tennis court would be welcome.


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