Alcaraz's Agent 'Scared' Of His Ibiza Celebratory Trip Because Of His 'Noble' Personality

Alcaraz's Agent 'Scared' Of His Ibiza Celebratory Trip Because Of His 'Noble' Personality

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz is celebrating his 2024 Roland Garros trophy in Ibiza, and his agent, Albert Molina, is a bit worried about it.

We live in an era of surveillance. Nowadays, everybody has a camera on their phone, making it very simple and accessible to capture anything, or in this case, anyone, in any situation.

That's not really welcome by athletes because of their privacy, which then becomes non-existent. Alcaraz is a very prominent person back home in Spain, and that's a bit worrisome for his agent.

Agents, of course, are tasked with looking over their clients and making sure they maximize their potential. Part of that is commercial potential, which is important for any athlete, especially a prominent one like Alcaraz.

He's had some controversial moments in the past, such as when he attended a bullfighting event, so his agent, who spoke to El Partidazo de COPE, clearly would like to avoid situations like those, especially since Alcaraz went to celebrate his third major triumph in Ibiza.

"He didn't want anyone. It scares me personally, but not because of Carlos. Because I know that the problem is that Carlos is very noble, it is not because of Carlos but because of the people he may have by his side and not because of his friends because they are good people."

Unfortunately, as the agent admitted in the same interview, there is not much to be done because wherever he goes, he's surrounded by people who have phones and cameras, and nothing is guaranteed then.

Thankfully for Molina, the Spaniard is not really prone to controversies and keeps a pretty low profile outside of the tennis courts.

"But hey, when you expose yourself so much outside, there are always people with a phone who can record something that may be taken out of context or may not be reality as it is."


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