Alcaraz 'Trail Blazed' For Young Players Says Sinner's Coach Cahill After Australian Open Win

Alcaraz 'Trail Blazed' For Young Players Says Sinner's Coach Cahill After Australian Open Win

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner's coach, Darren Cahill, is pretty sure that Carlos Alcaraz's breakthrough helped fellow youngsters follow him.

For a very long time, it looked impossible to do anything against the Big Three. The first of these really young guys to step up and do something significant was Carlos Alcaraz, and he kind of paved the way.

Sinner's coach, Brad Gilbert, is pretty certain that Alcaraz's breakthrough and ability to beat Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon final made these young players like Sinner realize that they could do it too.

The Italian would go on to have an amazing second half of the season and it culminated with him winning the 2024 Australian Open. It's a run that featured yet another win over the 24-time Grand Slam champion, who played one of his worst matches on the Grand Slam level.

"There's no question seeing the young players come through and having success drives each and every one of them. Not just Jannik. They all desire it. They all want it. If they see one of their compatriots or someone of their generation having success, absolutely."

"Then you look into what they're doing, why they're having success, and how are we going to replicate it for us. Carlos has trail blazed for a lot of young players. We're thankful for that."

Sinner has finally unlocked his potential, and now it's about adding more to the tally. He won't be content with one Grand Slam like Alcaraz wasn't content with one and won a second.

That second came at Wimbledon. On the other hand, Sinner will have a chance to add his second major at the Roland Garros, where he'll be certainly one of the favourites, especially after his sensational triumph in Melbourne. However, Alcaraz will be there too, and it finally looks like we have a growing rivalry.


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