Alcaraz Honestly Assesses His Chances Of Competing In Madrid Amid Injury Fears

Alcaraz Honestly Assesses His Chances Of Competing In Madrid Amid Injury Fears

by Zachary Wimer

Carlos Alcaraz arrived in Madrid with some injury concerns, and he spoke about the impact of that on his chances at the event.

Alcaraz will start his 2024 European clay campaign at the ATP Masters 1000 tournament in Madrid, which means he didn't play any European clay events before this one.

That's generally not been the case in the past, and while he won the Madrid Open twice, this year will be a bit different. He did play on clay in South America, but that was a while ago.

Alcaraz skipped over Monte-Carlo and Barcelona because of arm issues that impacted his forehand. He was apparently good enough to go in Barcelona but opted against it because he didn't feel 'right.'

Many are wondering how this event might go for Alcaraz, and he openly discussed it with the media ahead of the event.

"I am physically better and emotionally very good. But I don't want to say anything because I said I was going to play in Barcelona and in the end it was not possible. I have already trained in Madrid, I have felt good feelings and I think we are on the right track. Judging by these feelings, I think I will be able to be in the tournament."

Alcaraz on his state

The assessment sounded positive from the Spaniard, but playing on the court will ultimately be the best test. He didn't play any matches before this event, so there will be some growing pains, which he also expects. Being in Madrid, though, should help with that.

"I arrive without rhythm and without matches on clay. But playing in Madrid gives me positive energy, playing in front of my friends and my people. I have been coming to this tournament since I was five years old. Playing it is an extra motivation for me."

Alcaraz on playing in Madrid


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