Alcaraz Downplays Injury Concerns Ahead Of Shanghai Masters

Alcaraz Downplays Injury Concerns Ahead Of Shanghai Masters

by Sebastian Dahlman

Carlos Alcaraz downplayed injury concerns after he was asked about it after the 2023 China Open exit and ahead of the 2023 Shanghai Masters.

Alcaraz has been in China for a while, having taken part in the China Open last week in Beijing. He played really well, making his way to the semi-final, where eventual champion Jannik Sinner beat him in two sets. It was a disappointing loss for Alcaraz as he wasn't happy with the way he handled the match.

Still, he's very excited to be in Shanghai, hopeful of a good showing. The Spaniard spoke to the media and played down talk about injuries when asked about potentially dealing with something. He kind of confirmed dealing with an issue, but he kind of always tends to do that.

Well, I'm not going to say it's going to be a better Carlitos in Shanghai. I feel really, really well in this tournament. Just taking care of my body with my team. Obviously there's some problems, but it is normal. It's nothing serious. I played at my 100% physically.

Alcaraz on his health

The 20-year-old is hopeful of a good showing in Shanghai, hoping his body keeps up with the demand. He works hard to remain healthy, and while he's not had the cleanest track record with that, he's been a fairly healthy player so far in his career.

In Shanghai is going to be the same: 100% health. Hopefully during the tournament that is going to be a week and a half not going to feel any problem. That's a goal for me. Is something that we are going to prepare with my team to be healthy, to be prepared for the really tough matches that is going to have. Let's see. But right now I'm 100% healthy.

Alcaraz on his Shanghai Masters expectations


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