Injury Scare: Alcaraz Spotted With Tape On Leg At US Open After Skipping Practice

Injury Scare: Alcaraz Spotted With Tape On Leg At US Open After Skipping Practice

by Nurein Ahmed

In his fourth-round match, top seed Carlos Alcaraz was spotted with a heavy tape on his left thigh for the first time at this US Open.

Although Alcaraz barely showed any discomfort or conspicuous physical issues during his third-round win against British player Dan Evans, he did receive some pills during the match prompting a debate on social media that he could be hampered physically.

Alcaraz was not questioned about it during his post-match press conference. On Sunday, the Spaniard skipped training as he could not be seen near the US Open site, and instead utilized his off-day for sightseeing in New York with his family.

Alcaraz chose to combat Italy's World No. 61 Matteo Arnaldi in Monday's fourth-round match prioritizing rest over the practice. But on arrival to the court on Monday, Alcaraz quickly garnered the attention of those watching the match on TV, as he was already taped up in the area around his thigh and hamstring.

Taping is not uncommon for tennis players, as it can help to curb any minor pain or muscle soreness. But Alcaraz was hardly unaffected as he moved extremely well in the early goings during his match against the former Italian Next Gen star, getting an early break in the match and going on to wrap up the first set comfortably 6-3.

Obviously, Alcaraz has previously succumbed to cramps at this year's French Open due to tension, losing a marquee semifinal clash against Novak Djokovic in an anticlimactic way.

The 20-year-old missed the year's first Grand Slam due to a hamstring injury on his right leg and had to delay his return to action until mid-February, playing his first tournament in Buenos Aires and winning the event.

Despite losing the No. 1 ranking at the US Open, Alcaraz remains on course to become the first man since Roger Federer back in 2008 to defend the New York Slam.


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