'1000% Fully Disagree': Tsitsipas 'Ridiculous' ATP Finals Claim Slammed By Roddick

'1000% Fully Disagree': Tsitsipas 'Ridiculous' ATP Finals Claim Slammed By Roddick

by Evita Mueller

Andy Roddick had some comments about Stefanos Tsitsipas following his withdrawal from the 2023 ATP Finals, disagreeing with both his comment and his approach to the event.

First of all, the week started with Tsitsipas commenting on winning the ATP Finals being as equal or even better than winning a Grand Slam. He found plenty of people disagreeing with him, and Andy Roddick is one of them.

He totally disagrees with his comment sharing his view on it during an appearance on the Tennis Channel.

I know he said something ridiculous this week about how this is bigger than a Slam if you win it. I 1000% fully disagree and I don't even think he believes what he said but I would've had an eye on next year, especially if you're nursing multiple injuries.

Roddick on Tsitsipas' comments

The comment came as part of a broader opinion from Roddick, as he didn't understand why Tsitsipas pushed himself to play a match he likely knew he couldn't finish. There were rumours about an elbow injury, but now it's a back injury, and to Roddick, it didn't make any sense to do push forward.

My opinion is that, if your elbow is beat up, if your back is beat up and you're down a match already, you've got to start thinking about January. Listen, he made the finals in Australia last year, he's always played well down there.

So if I'm in his team I'm going, 'Listen is the juice worth the squeeze for this tournament especially as we look forward to next year.' I probably would've leaned towards no, we've got to make sure we're healthy.

We'll see what happens with Tsitsipas, but hopefully, he's going to be ready for next year because next year it will be very important for him.


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