2022 US Open ATP & WTA Prize Money & Points Overview - more than $60 million

2022 US Open ATP & WTA Prize Money & Points Overview - more than $60 million

by Balasz Virag

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The 2022 US Open, takes place from August 29 through September 11th, with a lot to fight for as the fourth Grand Slam of the season awards more than $60 million in prize money and a lot of points.

Daniil Medvedev won his maiden Grand Slam championship at the US Open last year, and he was the defending champion in 2022. Emma Raducanu also entered the tournament hoping to defend the title and more significantly, the 2000 points that are awarded to the champion in the women's competition.

Traditionally, both champions will be awarded 2000 points and in 2022 the prize money awarded to the champion is $2,600,000. The overall prize money awarded to players will be more than $60 million at this year's US Open what is a record amount.

The finalist in the ATP tournament will get 1200 points while the WTA finalist will be awarded 1300 points but both will get $1,3 million in prize money. For losing in the first round of the event, players will get 10 points to the rankings and also $80,000.

The points and also prize money increases with every round as players that get into the second round get 45 points (ATP) or 70 points (WTA) and $121,000. In the third round, 90 points (ATP) or 130 points (WTA) are given to the player with a cheque for $188,000.

The Grand Slam tournaments are usually where players focus on their results the most when for reaching the quarterfinals of the tournament, they can earn more than winning some of the ATP 500 events. The quarterfinalists get 360 points (ATP) or 430 points (WTA) and $445,000.

2022 US Open ATP & WTA Prize Money & Points Overview:

Round ATP Points WTA Points Prize Money
Winner 2 000 points 2 000 points $2,600,000
Finalist 1 200 points 1 300 points $1,300,000
Semi-finalists 720 points 780 points $705,000
Quarter-finalists 360 points 430 points $445,000
4th round 180 points 240 points $278,000
3rd round 90 points 130 points $188,000
2nd round 45 points 70 points $121,000
1st round 10 points 10 points $80,000


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