World No. 3 Aryna Sabalenka Withdraws From 2024 Paris Olympics

World No. 3 Aryna Sabalenka Withdraws From 2024 Paris Olympics

by Zachary Wimer

World number 3 Aryna Sabalenka confirmed ahead of the 2024 Berlin Open that she wouldn't be playing at the Paris Olympics.

This summer is particularly troublesome for many tennis players because there are three huge events in the span of weeks, and they're also played on different surfaces, which complicates the situation quite a bit.

Switching from one surface to another is never easy for a tennis player, but the bigger issue is how the body handles it. It's a shock because the court is different, and the stress put on the body is different as well.

That's what makes this summer complicated beyond the obvious. The Roland Garros was played on clay, and a short grass season with Wimbledon follows. Then, after that, the Olympic Games will be played on clay again.

That switching from one surface to another is not ideal for tennis players, and there are a ot of rumours about some of them opting out of the Games. Emma Raducanu was the first big name to drop the Olympics from her schedule, but she's not the only one.

Now, world number three, Sabalenka, is doing the same, and she named the tight schedule as the reason for her decision. Speaking to the media in Berlin, the Belarusian player confirmed that she's not going to put her body through all of that, wanting to prioritize health above all else.

"I’m not going to play Olympics because of all the rules from WTA with mandatory tournaments. I have to sacrifice something. Unfortunately I have to sacrifice Olympics. At this stage of my career and especially with all the struggles I’ve had the last months, I need to take care of my health."

Sabalenka confirms she won't play at the Paris Olympics

It's a shocking decision because the Olympic Games are a very important event for many athletes all around the world, but with the struggles when it comes to surface changes, it wouldn't be surprising if more players would follow suit in the coming weeks.


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