'Women's Players Are Technically Better': Raducanu On 'Not Fair' Prize Money Gap

'Women's Players Are Technically Better': Raducanu On 'Not Fair' Prize Money Gap

by Zachary Wimer

Emma Raducanu commented on the prize money gap in tennis, claiming that women are technically better tennis players than men.

Prize money discussions in tennis are necessary, but they are also very difficult because they involve money. Naturally, everybody wants to earn more money for their efforts and hard work, so it's not a surprise that the topic is so often discussed.

Much has been said so far, but every now and then, someone rightfully shines a light on the topic. Raducanu was the most recent WTA player to discuss the differences between men's and women's tennis, admitting that she thinks women are technically better players.

She also touched upon the prize money gap, which she doesn't think is fair, in her conversation with The Times, but she acknowledged that playing best of three at Grand Slam tournaments is a big advantage as well.

"A lot of women’s players are technically better. They rely on speed, agility and brain rather than brute strength. The prize money gap is huge on the ATP tour, which I don’t necessarily think is fair, but equally playing three sets in the slams is a lot better than the men’s five, which is brutal."

Raducanu on the differences between men's and women's tennis

Since men and women don't compete together, and it also wouldn't be possible to make them compete against each other for a direct comparison, it's quite tricky to quantify because each player is specific.

Some players on the WTA Tour, like Ons Jabeur, are very technical in their approach to tennis compared to the likes of Jelena Ostapenko and Aryna Sabalenka, who can also use a lot of raw power.

However, the prize money gap is still present, and there is much merit in discussing it. Players are already paid the same at majors and some ATP and WTA 1000 tournaments, but many lower-tier events still show massive differences.


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