'We Don't Have It On Display': Gauff Reveals Where She Keeps US Open Trophy

'We Don't Have It On Display': Gauff Reveals Where She Keeps US Open Trophy

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff doesn't have her US Open trophy on display in her house, which is very fitting and kind of in line with her personality.

Gauff has a fascinating personality because she's not too loud when it comes to her off-court presence, but she's also one of the most recognizable faces in tennis and speaks out when it matters.

This is especially true after she won the US Open last year, which catapulted her into stardom across the country. That's the biggest trophy the 20-year-old has won so far, but even so, she doesn't have it prominently displayed in her house.

She did a catch-up with the US Open recently, a few months after her victory, and she was asked where she keeps the trophy. It's actually not even in her room. It's in her parents' room in a small Tifanny bag and not displayed somewhere in the house.

"It's in my parents' room, in the bag, like a little Tiffany bag. We don't have it on display."

Winning the US Open was certainly a huge moment for Gauff because she finally proved herself on the biggest stage. She has been touted as a generational talent since she was 15 years old and there was a lot of pressure that built up over the years.

Many were putting pressure on her for failing to win a Grand Slam, and now that she finally did it, it's a huge relief. In the same interview, she admitted that she doesn't really live in the past.

While she's glad about winning the US Open, she's looking into the future, wanting to win more events. That's why the trophy is not hugely displayed: It's only one step in what she hopes is a long journey.

As Gauff builds her resume, the American will likely need a bigger room to display her trophies.


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