WATCH: Drama In Nottingham: New British No. 1 Boulter & Dart Clash After Match

WATCH: Drama In Nottingham: New British No. 1 Boulter & Dart Clash After Match

by Zlatko Vodenicharov

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Bizarre things continue to happen at the Nottingham Open this week as now two British players clashed following their match.

There are very few tennis weeks where we see tragedy, history, and numerous odd things happening at an event. This is one of those weeks as the event was rocked with uncertainty following a tragedy in the early stages of the event. Two separate but linked incidents in the city threatened the schedule at the event but it ended up continuing.

Britain's most famous player Andy Murray spoke about the tragedy following his match on the said day but luckily things were quickly resolved and the event continued. Then fans could see a Norwegian player showcasing her bug-catching skills with her racquet in a very strange situation that left many confused.

We also saw some history as for the first time there were four British women in the quarter-final of a WTA event. Jodie Burrage, Harriet Dart, Heather Watson, and Katie Boulter helped create that history, and two of them prominently featured in another bizarre situation.

Billie Jean King Cup teammates clashed after their match in Nottingham with Dart taking exception to how Boulter celebrated her win.

It was a bizarre situation because Dart should be well aware of the way Boulter celebrates her wins which she alluded to during the tense exchange at the net. It's even more strange considering that Dart and Boulter have known each other for years and presumable have a really good relationship as most British players have.

It’s nothing personal. Mate, I do it every single match.

Boulter to Dart during the handshake

Boulter didn't address the handshake after the match nor was she asked about it but she did refer to Dart as a friend. The exchange looked more than just friends bantering as Dart seemed quite bothered by it. You can see it below.

It was a battle out there. You could see how much it meant to me to get through that match. It’s awful playing a friend but I tried to play the ball and not the player. Today it was my day.

Boulter after the match


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