Swiatek Opens Up About Unconscious Outbursts And Celebrations On Court

Swiatek Opens Up About Unconscious Outbursts And Celebrations On Court

by Sebastian Dahlman

Iga Swiatek is very focused when she plays tennis, but sometimes she simply has to release the built-up tension, and often it's unconscious.

Iga Swiatek famously forgot that she won a match 6-0 6-0 because she was so focused on what was happening on the court. As odd as it sounds, these things can happen.

Plenty of people have lost track of time while doing something, and tennis players can be quite focused during the match. That's why flashes and clapping can distract many of them.

In any case, a tennis match creates a lot of tension in players, and plenty of times, it needs to be released. It's the same for Swiatek, but for her, it's quite an unscious reaction; not something she plans to do specifically.

When I utter a curse word on the court or when I say 'Jazda' - these are things that I don't fully control. They are a release of tension or energy. Sometimes, post-match celebrations - these are also things that I do without thinking about this. I also often tell myself some technical things that I would like to work on, e.g. to make a shorter jump before the return or to simply position myself to the ball.

She's not really known as an overly passive player who has a lot of emotion on the court, but sometimes she does get overwhelmed. It's normal, and she does get angry and frustrated but generally controls it pretty well.

She worked on it with her psychologist as emotions got in the way of her performing how she wanted to. It's a lifelong journey, and with time, she'll get even better at it, but emotions are good.

We're all emotional beings, and seeing that from the best players in the world makes the watch experience that much better.


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