'Superstar Expecting To Win': How Gauff's Approach Changed Over Couple Of Months

'Superstar Expecting To Win': How Gauff's Approach Changed Over Couple Of Months

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff has looked really poised at the 2024 Australian Open, surprising quite a few people as she keeps marching on to the trophy.

In one of her first interviews of 2024, Gauff confirmed that she's eyeing her second Grand Slam trophy. It was a pretty bold statement from Gauff, who won her maiden major just a few months ago at the US Open, but it also shows how much she's grown as a player.

It's become an expectation for her now, and it's great to see because she can truly back it up. This year's Australian Open has been a good example of that, as she cruised through the rounds without any issues.

Former WTA player Lindsay Davenport was pretty impressed with the way Gauff handled everything so far as she spoke to the Tennis Channel.

"Just the way Coco Gauff is handling all of this [has stood out for me]. She's an overwhelming favorite to get through to the semis [at the 2024 Australian Open] and nothing seems to be weighing on her shoulders at all."

"It's one thing to say ‘okay one Major, I don't feel any pressure’ but the reality is you do. I mean, she has greatness on her mind, she wants to keep adding to that total."

Very few people would be indifferent to Gauff's transformation in the past six months. From the early Wimbledon exit to Sofia Kenin to winning the US Open not too long after that. Then, this newfound confidence is demonstrated by her calmness on the court, which leads to further success.

"It's a really amazing flip from the summer when she walked off a first round loss at Wimbledon, wasn't sure what she was going to do. Fast forward six or seven months later, she's like a superstar expecting to win."


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