Gauff 'More Than Good Enough To Win Big Tournaments' According To Former No. 1 Barty

Gauff 'More Than Good Enough To Win Big Tournaments' According To Former No. 1 Barty

by Zachary Wimer

According to former WTA player Ashleigh Barty, Coco Gauff is more than good enough to win big tournaments, including this year's Australian Open.

Barty knows a thing or two about winning big events, as she has won a couple of Grand Slams in her career. In fact, the last tournament she played was the Australian Open, after winning which she retired in 2022.

The decision came as a shock for many, but it was the perfect way for Barty to say goodbye to a sport she loves but also wasn't willing to dedicate her whole life to. Gauff is different because she will dedicate her life and has been doing so for years. After all, she's chasing that second major trophy.

She was playing professionally as a 15-year-old, and by the time she was 17, she was one of the big names on the Tour. That's a vast experience that Barty referenced in her talk with the Tennis Channel, something she now can lean on and draw inspiration from because not many players have it. And she's only 19.

"Yeah amazing. I haven't seen many of Coco's matches. You know, she's just growing with confidence, she's growing with experience. It's amazing to think that she's so young and almost created this bank of experience now that she can lean back on and really lean into in matches and trust herself that she can play her way and it's absolutely more than good enough to win big tournaments."

All of her talent, coupled with her experience, is more than enough to win big tournaments, according to Barty. She's not wrong because Gauff already proved it by winning the US Open a few months ago.

We'll see how far she can go and whether she can possibly go to the final. Aryna Sabalenka might have something to say about that, especially if she gets a chance to avenge the US Open loss to Gauff.


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