Sabalenka Reveals Where She Keeps Her Two Australian Open Trophies

Sabalenka Reveals Where She Keeps Her Two Australian Open Trophies

by Zachary Wimer

Aryna Sabalenka has two Grand Slam trophies, and they're kept in the same place, which she revealed recently.

Sabalenka didn't have any Grand Slam trophies until last year. The first one came at the Australian Open, where she put together an amazing run to beat everybody, including Elena Rybakina, in the final.

The final itself was a huge moment for the Belarusian as she was able to overcome a slow start to turn around the match and win her maiden major trophy.

The second one came earlier this year, and it was also in Melbourne. This time around, Sabalenka didn't struggle one bit, smashing her opponent, Qinwen Zheng, in the final to win the trophy. It wasn't a huge surprise to anybody either because she was by far the biggest favorite.

So, where does she keep the trophies? She told the media at the Indian Wells media day, admitting that her mother has them right next to each other and calls them twins.

"My mom has them, and they are side by side. She calls them twins and she says, ‘We need to have a different one – it looks boring when you have two of the same ones, can you work on the other Slams?’"

"I’m like mom, what an easy request, thanks for that – you could have just appreciated these two, they weren’t easy to get."

Sabalenka and her mother clearly have a nice relationship, with her mother sharing the same attitude like her daughter, always joking around. It's clear that Sabalenka has the talent to win another major, so there won't be two of the same trophies in the cabinet.

Perhaps she can add the Indian Wells trophy to that cabinet as well. She nearly added the US Open trophy last year, but she'll have to wait for the next major, as that's played at the Roland Garros in May.


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