Raducanu 'Should Want Pressure' And 'Must Be Prepared To Deal With Media' Says Macci

Raducanu 'Should Want Pressure' And 'Must Be Prepared To Deal With Media' Says Macci

by Evita Mueller

Emma Raducanu will come back in 2024 and noted tennis coach Rick Macci believes she should embrace the pressure.

Embracing the pressure hasn't been something Raducanu did much in the past as she kind of deflected. She has publicly said that she kind of wishes she never won the US Open which is an interesting thought, though, very explainable.

The amount of attention the win brought her certainly wasn't easy to deal with, but it makes sense. She did something that had never been done before in tennis and became a global superstar overnight. It's part of being great; there is just no way about it, which is why Macci thinks that she should want the pressure.

If she truly wants to be great and great for a very long time then she should really want the pressure and everything that comes with being great.

She should want pressure. You do all this training to be a professional player and want to be the best in the world. She has to be able to deal with what comes with that. She must be prepared to deal with the media.

To say she sometimes wishes she didn’t win the US Open because of the mental and physical strain it has brought cuts both ways; If she’s going to listen to every little thing that is said about her then that doesn’t work, you’ve got to be bulletproof and I can help her with that.

One thing Raducanu needs is stability, and she hasn't been great with that. A lot of brand deals in recent years on top of a relatively high-profile relationship just added more attention to her. Some interesting coaching choices certainly didn't help, and this year was a much-needed reset. What kind of player emerges when the smoke settles remains to be seen.


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