Osaka Admits She Was 'Delusional Enough' To Think She Could Win Australian Open

Osaka Admits She Was 'Delusional Enough' To Think She Could Win Australian Open

by Jordan Reynolds

Naomi Osaka had the mindset of believing that winning the 2024 Australian Open was possible despite being so early into her comeback.

Osaka played Caroline Garcia in the first round in Melbourne. It was one of the most highly anticipated matches on the men's or women's side, and unsurprisingly, the two played at the Rod Laver Arena.

As expected, it was an enjoyable contest to watch. Unfortunately for fans of the four-time Grand Slam champion, Garcia managed to overpower Osaka to edge both sets. The match finished 6-4, 7-6 in favor of the Frenchwoman.

There were still a lot of positives for the two-time champion in Melbourne. Osaka knew that facing Garcia was definitely going to be tough, but she was still very competitive in what was just her third match since returning from maternity leave.

However, that did not stop the Japanese star from dreaming big. Osaka admitted in her post-match press conference that she got herself thinking she could win the tournament.

"I wouldn't say like the comeback is how I thought because I'm delusional enough to think I could have won the tournament. I think my delusion is what allows me to win the tournaments. (smiling)"

Osaka on her "delusional" belief

It is an interesting insight into Osaka's mindset. Although it did not work out for her this time so soon into her comeback, that self-belief she has may help explain so much of her other success.

She may call it delusional, but it could be healthy confidence, as she indicates. Osaka was also clear that she knows that continuing to work hard is important and that it will give her the best possible chance of achieving her goals.

"Yeah, I think I just have to keep living day by day and training hard and playing a lot more matches, and hopefully my dreams will come true."

Osaka on hard work


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