Ons Jabeur Starts Milestone 100th Week In Top 10

Ons Jabeur Starts Milestone 100th Week In Top 10

by Sebastian Dahlman

Ons Jabeur has been a very consistent player for a while, and the proof of that is in the rankings; she began the 100th week in the Top 10 on the WTA Tour on Monday.

The career of Ons Jabeur isn't one that started with a bang, but bangs did come eventually. The Tunisian is truly a trailblazer wanting to break down barriers and inspire people from her part of the world to take up tennis.

She's done an amazing job with that in recent years, mostly because she finally reached the sort of heights nobody ever thought she could. A 19-year-old Jabeur struggled greatly to get near the Top 100, but eventually, she got there in 2017 but still struggled to break out in a major way.

She made a step forward in 2019, becoming a more regular part of the Top 100, but the breakout only came in 2021 when she slowly made her way to the Top 10, becoming part of it on October 17th, 2021. That's the first time she entered the Top 10.

She briefly left in 2022, but after returning to the Top 10 on February 6th, Jabeur never fell out of the Top 10. She's been part of the Top 10 for 100 weeks now, which is impressive. The breakout might have come suddenly, but she worked hard for years until things finally clicked.

Since then, she's been part of best and quite deservedly so. She has played in three Grand Slam finals since her breakout, which is better than most other players.

She's yet to win one and has experienced somewhat of a shaky year so far, but she keeps battling and is the number one seed this week in Guadalajara. A good run or possibly a trophy would do her good and would stabilize her spot in the Top 10 as well.


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