'It's A Lot': Gauff On 'Not Enjoying' Paying Taxes From Hard-Earned Money

'It's A Lot': Gauff On 'Not Enjoying' Paying Taxes From Hard-Earned Money

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff is not enjoying paying taxes even though she's been aware that she'll have to do so for much of her life.

Death and taxes are the only two certainties in life, as the saying goes. Gauff has become more aware of it as she grew older, even though she's always known that she needs to do it.

It's part of any person's civil duty, but that doesn't make it any more enjoyable. Speaking to media in Dubai ahead of the 2024 Dubai Championships, the 19-year-old touched upon the topic as she's now an adult who is fully in tune with her own finances.

"I've always been aware that I had to pay taxes even when I was a minor but I guess now I’m more aware of how much money is going to the government and it's a lot, so I would say that part, being aware of it, is something I'm not enjoying."

Gauff on paying taxes

Gauff lives in Florida or, rather, is based in Florida, which is generally one of the states with the most favorable tax rules in the United States. She didn't flee to a tax haven like many of her colleagues did, but she's still not paying that dramatic of a tax.

It still annoys her, and she would rather go back to a time when she didn't know how much she paid for taxes, but it's something that her father insisted on, and now she's aware of the exact numbers and clearly not a fan.

"I've been paying taxes since I’ve been making money. But just now, when I turned 19, my dad has made me more aware of how much I'm paying and how everything works with that world. I wish I could go back to not knowing how much is going away."

Gauff on paying taxes

Still, the American likely won't focus on her taxes but on her performances on the tennis court, as she wants to leave a legacy behind.


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