'I'm Not In Shape': Rybakina Admits Harsh Reality Ahead Of Miami Open Final

'I'm Not In Shape': Rybakina Admits Harsh Reality Ahead Of Miami Open Final

by Zachary Wimer

For the second year in a row, Elena Rybakina is through to the Miami Open final, but this one took a lot out of her.

Rybakina had a much easier time getting to the Miami Open final last year than this year. She dropped only two sets last year en route to the final, while this year it's been four.

It can't be said that this year, she saw tougher opposition because she played decent players last year as well. Something else is the culprit, and it's fitness. She even admitted as much after her most recent win over Victoria Azarenka.

It's been a while since she played, and she also dealt with some sickness, so the longer matches earlier in the rounds took a lot out of her. However, they also gave her a chance to build up some fitness, which she hopes will help in this final match.

"Yeah, of course it's a lot about the decisions on the court, but I'm just really proud how mentally I could still push myself even though it was really difficult from the beginning. For sure I can take a lot from this tournament, a lot of positive."

"And also, in the beginning, these long matches were helping me to get back in shape. Now I'm not in shape just because I'm tired of all these long matches, but overall, it was really successful tournament no matter how I do in the final."

She's facing a tough opponent, Danielle Collins, who will play without much pressure. She's retiring after this year, and every match she plays is just a bonus for her.

Winning a huge trophy would be a major achievement for Collins, so expect her to be really hungry for this match. Rybakina will hope to win herself, but as she pointed out in her press conference, she'll take this result regardless of how the final goes.


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