Iga Swiatek Reacts To Reclaiming World No. 1 Rank After WTA Finals

Iga Swiatek Reacts To Reclaiming World No. 1 Rank After WTA Finals

by Sebastian Dahlman

Iga Swiatek became world number one again after her triumph at the 2023 WTA Finals, and she'll finish the year as world number one.

She started the year as world number one, and she'll finish it as world number one. It's a pretty amazing achievement for the Polish player who has been the dominant force in tennis for pretty much two years now, with a minor break earlier this year.

The fact that she's number one is deserved because, overall, she still was the most consistent player. She also showed up when it mattered the most because there was only one way Iga Swiatek could have become world number one at the WTA Finals, and it was if she won the trophy. Guess what happened? She won the trophy.

It came after an amazing week in Cancun, where she went undefeated and bested Jessica Pegula in the final. She didn't make a huge fuss about losing the world number one earlier this year but confirmed that she wants to return to being number one. Not even three months later, she did, and she's quite happy with it.

Coming back to world no. 1 is a dream come true. I would say, I wasn't expecting that right now. This season I was kinda hoping that next season was going to be my year, but it seems like just working hard and focusing on the right things at the end worked, so I'm really happy.

Swiatek on reclaiming number one

We'll see what happens next year, but it's pretty clear that she's not going anywhere. She'll battle the rest of the field for number one and many trophies, which should make for an excellent tennis season. Rest up, everybody, because next year is going to be amazing, and it's closer with every day.


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