'I Was Bulied': Serena Williams Shows Support To WNBA Superstar Caitlin Clark

'I Was Bulied': Serena Williams Shows Support To WNBA Superstar Caitlin Clark

by Zachary Wimer

Former legendary WTA player Serena Williams has defended WNBA's rising superstar Caitlin Clark after she was received rather negatively among veteran players.

There has been a very interesting storyline developing around rising superstar Caitlin Clark. She entered the league this year as the top pick, but according to various reports, she was negatively received by some of the players, as some on-court actions suggest.

Some of the veteran players have been rumored to be quite antagonistic towards the young superstar, believing her popularity to be too much too soon. Her popularity has already translated into some major endorsement deals, which can easily spark jealousy.

The story resonated with Serena Williams, who spoke about it at the Tribeca Film Festival, quite a bit because she could relate to the treatment she received when she first came to tennis, showing her incredible talent.

It's not an uncommon story, as many former players spoke about it often, how veterans can easily dismiss young players coming up.

"I was bullied. Things I had to go through, now, people would be canceled for saying back then. I just love that she tries to stay grounded and that she doesn't look at her socials… I get it. I don't either. And I think it's so important to continue doing what she's doing…"

"And no matter what other people do, if people are negative then it's because they can't do what you do… basically. And hopefully she'll continue to do what she's doing."

Clark has stayed graceful through the whole situation, saying the right things and largely avoiding any added drama. She can certainly learn a few things from the 23-time major winner, who has had bad moments and episodes but, for the most part, did the right thing.

She let her tennis do the talking, and she talked very loudly, becoming the best female tennis player ever.


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