'I Keep Provoking And Asking Questions': Raducanu Sheds Light On Coaching Splits

'I Keep Provoking And Asking Questions': Raducanu Sheds Light On Coaching Splits

by Evita Mueller

Emma Raducanu built a reputation of switching coaches easily which in ways makes sense as she did switch a couple of them in a relatively short period of time.

Coaching changes happen constantly in tennis, yet it's generally accepted that frequent changes are not good. The assumption is generally that players who change coaches often are probably too difficult to deal with.

There might be some truth to that, but every situation is different in the end. For Raducanu, the coaching changes came naturally, yet it's been questioned by multiple former players and pundits. She's been urged to finally find a stable solution in her coaching team because she's at a tricky part in her career.

She's both learning to be a professional player and also trying to find an identity as a player. Both things would benefit from a stable and constant voice; however, it still hasn't worked out like that. In a recent interview with BBC Sport, Raducanu speculated whether it's because she asks a lot of questions.

I ask my coaches a lot of questions. On certain occasions they haven't been able to keep up with the questions I've asked and maybe that's why it ended.

It's something I've always done. I keep provoking and asking questions to coaches and challenging their thinking as well. I'm not someone that you can just tell me what do and I'll do it, I need to understand why and then I'll do it.

She'll be returning in Australia in 2024, with plenty of goals and ambitions. Starting from a lower rank also represents a kind of reset for her, which she's embracing as a challenge.

I will be coming back with probably a lower ranking, but I'm actually looking forward to starting again, kind of resetting. I still have new goals, new things I want to achieve. But I've still got like 15 years left in my career, so there's no rush.


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