'Herself & Sabalenka': Only Two People Can Beat Swiatek According To Radwanska

'Herself & Sabalenka': Only Two People Can Beat Swiatek According To Radwanska

by Alfredo Bassanelli

Iga Swiatek will attempt to book the Roland Garros final on Thursday and her compatriot Radwanska could see her go all the way.

Former player Agnieszka Radwanska knows a thing or two about tennis and she's in Paris following the grand slam. It's been some ten days of good tennis and according to Radwanska, Swiatek has a really good chance of going all the way.

The road to victory for her is to beat Haddad Maia on Thursday and then either Sabalenka or Muchova in the final on Saturday. It's not particularly hard to see her do that with only Sabalanka sticking out as a player that could give her trouble. She won't however have the altitude of Madrid to enhance what she does great on the court in Paris though and Swiatek is much more confident in Paris.

I think she's showing this kind of level that you can't really see in any other players. I don't know how the girls have to play against her to even be close to winning a set. At the moment I don't see any player playing at the same level as Iga. I think she's very consistent. She is very focused on the first point of the match and obviously she's so strong. Her ball is really going with unbelievable power. With her spin on the forehand side on the clay, it is just killing the girls. That's why we can see scores like that.

Radwanska on Swiatek

When a former pro puts it like that it's kind of hard to argue against it. She might be biased being Polish but Swiatek truly has been spectacular at the event in recent years. She won in 2020, lost in the quarter-final of 2021 and won last year. Her record in Paris since 2020 is 23-1 with her only loss happening to Maria Sakkari in 2021.

She's by far the biggest favourite this year and not winning it would be quite a surprise.


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