Gauff Warned Ahead Of Sabalenka's Attempted 'Revenge' At Australian Open

Gauff Warned Ahead Of Sabalenka's Attempted 'Revenge' At Australian Open

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff has been warned about the rematch with Aryna Sabalenka at the 2024 Australian Open, as the Belarusian will be motivated.

Gauff and Sabalenka played a significant match a few months ago in New York. It was the US Open final, and the Belarusian dominated early, but Gauff got the last laugh. Before the Melbourne rematch, Martina Navratilova warned the American about it.

The matchup is very complicated for many reasons, but mostly because it differs quite a bit from the one in New York. Sabalenka is again favoured, but this time around, Gauff's win would be a bigger surprise than before.

This time around, things are certainly different, and that's what Navratilova thinks as well. She warned Gauff about his match because it would be much harder than the one in New York.

"She [Aryna Sabalenka] won three matches 3-2, one 0-1, and 0-0 against quality opponents. So yeah, I think Sabalenka is much stronger. Also, the big difference is the crowd."

"I think there will still be for Coco, but I think Sabalenka, having won last year and it’s Australia, not the US, they’ll make a difference."

Navratilova also thinks Sabalenka is the favourite because many things make that outcome likely. She could run into problems as she did in New York, but everything is lined up much better this time than last time.

"I think Sabalenka will be much tougher mentally. I don’t think she'll let whatever happens to the crowd get to her the way she did at the US Open. Same time Coco not playing as well, particularly in this last match."

"So it’s gonna be a test of the mental fortitude more than anything, but the way Sabalenka’s been playing, I think it’s going to be really tough for Coco to win [the Australian Open SF] even though she’s been better in these stressful situations before."


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