Gauff Reveals Boyfriend Is Set To Come To Her Matches In United States

Gauff Reveals Boyfriend Is Set To Come To Her Matches In United States

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff has been mentioning her boyfriend for a while, and he will be in the stands for some tournaments in the United States in the coming months.

Gauff suddenly revealed that she had a boyfriend during the US Open run last year, during which she won her maiden Grand Slam trophy. The American is generally very private about her life, so many were caught off guard by her sudden mention of a partner in her private life.

The 20-year-old garnered as much media attention as any public person, so her private life was always a topic of interest. Romantic interests, for some reason, are always particularly interesting to fans.

However, her boyfriend hasn't been in the spotlight since she started mentioning him because they seemingly want his identity to remain private, even though Gauff previously suggested that some fans had already found out who he was.

Still, the privacy of their relationship might be changing in the future. According to Gauff's words to People Magazine, her boyfriend might make an appearance, as he'll likely attend some of her matches during the North American stretch.

"My boyfriend, he'll probably come to maybe some tournaments in the U.S. It's just a little bit easier than coming to Europe."

For Gauff, focusing on her tennis is a priority, but as she becomes older, like many players on both the ATP and the WTA Tour, she will need to learn to manage both her professional life and her life away from the tennis courts, which will include growing her own family.

Now, she is set for a big summer, especially back home in the United States, where she'll be defending champion at a Grand Slam event for the first time in her career. That won't be very easy, but she'll have friends and family there supporting her.


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