Gauff Admits 'Limitations' Given To Coach Gilbert About Frequent Talking

Gauff Admits 'Limitations' Given To Coach Gilbert About Frequent Talking

by Zachary Wimer

Coco Gauff talked about her relationship with coach Brad Gilbert at the 2024 Miami Open, highlighting some quirks about it.

The partnership between the young American player and the experienced American coach might be the best thing that ever happened to her carer. Under Gilbert, Gauff became a clinical player, winning several big trophies.

The biggest and most important one was obviously the US Open, which she won last year, but the general progress has been amazing. It's been a relationship that grew over time because there have obviously been quite a few years between them, and Gilbert has a pretty strong personality.

In a recent talk with Andy Roddick, he shared how he takes different approaches with players. Gauff, much like Roddick, doesn't like too much information, so he had to adjust and talk less with her compared to Andre Agassi, who liked to talk about matchups for a long time.

Gauff joked about his talkative nature at the Miami Open, admitting that she had to ask him to dial it down a bit.

"Yeah he is known to talk and yes we do have conversations about the limitations of that and limiting that as much as possible. But it comes in good heart and he's doing better. He's just an older gentleman so it's not something I'm not used to."

Getting used to that wasn't hard because she has a talkative grandmother, and observing her mother and her grandmother helped her understand Gilbert's talkative nature better. On a more positive note, Gauff appreciates him a lot because of his support and loyalty.

"My grandmother is talktative as well and it just reminds of the relatiosnhip my mom has with her mom cause she talks a lot and my mom had to tell her like to be quiet. It's a funny relationhip but the guy is full support and full loyalty and it's something I really appreciate because I think it's rare in tennis."


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