'Extremely Shocked' Halep Faces Another Setback As Hearing Postponed Again

'Extremely Shocked' Halep Faces Another Setback As Hearing Postponed Again

by Alfredo Bassanelli

Simona Halep experienced yet another setback as her hearing was pushed back yet again by the ITIA.

It's been an incredibly challenging few months for Halep, who is waiting for a resolution of her doping case since October last year. Only recently, she broke the silence to point out how long her case is taking, but what followed after only made things worse.

ITIA charged the Romanian with yet another anti-doping breach, and that complicated the matter even further. Halep couldn't understand the decision and slammed the organization for 'harassing' her, as her coach Patrick Mouratoglou showed her support, saying the matters have been way past acceptable.

The only thing that Halep wanted is to be heard and for her case to be judged as it should be. Recently, she spoke about her third hearing, which was supposed to be held in May, but shocking news caught the former world no. 1 off-guard.

According to her statement, the ITIA requested the Tribunal to push back the hearing once again, already for the third time. The two-time Grand Slam champion couldn't believe that as she felt extremely shocked and disappointed.

"I am once again extremely shocked and disappointed by the ITIA's attitude. While the ITIA via their representative Nicole Sapstead was publicly stating 3 days ago that the ITIA "has remained committed to engaging Mrs Halep in an empathetic, efficient and timely manner", they were at the same time officially requesting the Tribunal to delay my hearing... for the third time."

Seeing public comments about her case from the ITIA and then finding out that they requested to delay the hearing again was something that Halep didn't expect and thinks that the organization is acting contrary to her rights.

"The ITIA publicly states one thing while privately doing another, I have repeatedly asked for my hearing and the ITIA has repeatedly sought to delay it. When is it going to stop? I ask the question once again. I am entitled to a quick hearing. Acting this way is contrary to my rights."


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