'Coco Is Nice Person, She Wouldn't Mean It': Swiatek On Being Hit By Gauff At Roland Garros

'Coco Is Nice Person, She Wouldn't Mean It': Swiatek On Being Hit By Gauff At Roland Garros

by Balasz Virag

Iga Swiatek bested Coco Gauff at Roland Garros but she was hit by the American with a ball though it was unintentional.

Coco Gauff played the most competitive match she played in a while against Swiatek but on clay, it was still the Polish player to reign supreme. It was an interesting match that featured a minor controversy after Gauff hit Swiatek with a ball but the world number one didn't mind.

Everybody knows it was not intentional and Gauff apologized immediately with the Polish superstar being very complimentary of the American after the match. They know each other well having played several times against each other and also from the locker room.

Yeah, it is. I don't really know if that was her only option or not, but I know Coco is a nice person, and she wouldn't mean it. Nothing personal. It happens.

Swiatek on getting with a ball

Getting a bit dirty on clay isn't anything unusual, it pretty much happens every time. It's one of the reasons why Medvedev dislikes the surface as much as he does, however, Swiatek doesn't mind it as much. She basically grew up on it and play her best tennis on the surface.

Getting dirty isn't something she minds either though she did change her kit after she fell down after the Gauff hit. According to Swiatek, it was to 'look more stylish' which is understandable. A fully white kit looks excellent on the court but not that great if you have clay on it.

No, I changed the T-shirt to look more stylish. But sometimes being in clay it feels like you're just out there doing dirty work, but it doesn't really matter, so yeah.

Next up for Swiatek is Haddad Maia, a player who will certainly make her work. Let's hope there won't be any hits though, one was more than enough.


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