'You'd Be Surprised How Many Athletes Are In The Club Whilst Playing' Says Kyrgios

'You'd Be Surprised How Many Athletes Are In The Club Whilst Playing' Says Kyrgios

by Sebastian Dahlman

Nick Kyrgios shared some insight into an athlete's life, and as you might expect, it's not all practice; there is some fun, too.

Nick Kyrgios is an athlete, but many wouldn't consider him a textbook athlete. His career trajectory is rather well-known and could have been a bit better had he been more committed to the sport.

That's how fans and pundits would want it, but freedom of choice is a beautiful thing, allowing everybody to do what they want with their lives. Kyrgios certainly did at times, and not all of his choices were necessarily good.

He's talked about it but ultimately arrived at a point in his life where he's really happy, so the journey likely was worth it. He's also proven to be a really good tennis player, which some questioned in the past.

He'll likely prove it some more in the future but we'll have to wait for that as he's currently away from the sport. While he's away, Kyrgios does engage with the sport on social media and shared a little bit about being a professional athlete.

Most of their time is spent around the sport, but quite a few of them enjoy regular people things. Kyrgios famously spent a night in the bar ahead of a Wimbledon match against Rafael Nadal, and he admitted that it's not a rare occurrence among athletes.

I’ve drunk the night before Nadal on centre court Wimbledon. It’s all good. I lost but you’d be surprised how many athletes are in the club whilst playing

Kyrgios on athletes partying

It's not a huge surprise because athletes are just people like the rest of us and they enjoy the same things regular people do. It might not be ideal and recommended but you need a break from that hyper-competitive environment.


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