'We Could All Have Our Favourite, But Djokovic Is The Greatest': Says Cahill

'We Could All Have Our Favourite, But Djokovic Is The Greatest': Says Cahill

by Evita Mueller

Novak Djokovic is being called the greatest of all time by many recently, including noted tennis coach Darren Cahill.

The Serbian did many great things in tennis, but most of the attention regarding his achievements is around his recent US Open triumph. That was Grand Slam number 24, the highest number we've ever seen somebody on the men's side of the sport win.

Margaret Court has 24 as well, and while the numbers are the same, the significance is far greater with Djokovic. He won't stop here and will attempt to go for number 25 in Melbourne in a few months, so the legend of Djokovic is set to keep growing.

Speaking about it recently during an appearance on the Advantage Connors Podcast, tennis coach Darren Cahill recognized Djokovic as the greatest of all time, believing it to be irrefutable.

To win 24 Grand Slams, I mean the guy is the greatest I have ever seen, I don't think there is any question about this anymore. We could all have our favorites, Roger, Rafa, Rod Laver for me, winning two Grand Slams (Calendar), last one in '69, which was a remarkable effort.

"But to do what Novak has done and come from way behind when Rafa and Roger had a big Grand Slam total, and actually pass them on the Grand Slam total, remarkable performance. And there's more to come from him too.

We've seen many proclaim Djokovic the GOAT lately, and you can't really fault them. The guy does have all the numbers, and making an argument against it looks sillier every day.

The most impressive thing is that his career is still going very strong because he just won 3 out of the 4 Grand Slams this year. He's on pace to win a few more, which would certainly end the debate, one many deem finished as it is.


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