WATCH: Sinner Shows His Exceptional Skiing Skills Nine Years After Ending Skiing Career

WATCH: Sinner Shows His Exceptional Skiing Skills Nine Years After Ending Skiing Career

by Zachary Wimer

Before Jannik Sinner picked up a racquet and became a really strong tennis player, he used to ski and be quite good at it.

Jannik Sinner is a pretty solid mover around the court, capable of hitting some amazing shots from tricky angles. Part of that might be his skiing background, which involves quite a bit of bending and turning, something he perfected early in his life.

His background in the sport is quite well known to most fans as he was really good. He didn't just ski as a hobby, he was actually a competitive skier so good that he was ranked at one point as one of the top young skiers in the whole country.

That's quite impressive and shows his affinity towards sports. Eventually, Sinner chose tennis instead of skiing, and it's not a choice he regrets.

His tennis career has been pretty great until now, and his recent rise certainly indicates that even better days are coming for the Italian.

The new season is quickly approaching, so expect Sinner on the courts pretty shortly, but before he returns, the Italian went back to his childhood sport.

He posted a of himself skiing in beautiful scenery with a caption that signals he's returning to the tennis courts soon.

I missed this but it’s time to get back on court.

Sinner on Instagram

The Italian goes back to skiing often when he's back home in Italy as he grew up in a part of the country that is pretty famous for its beautiful scenery, especially in the winter.

He'll soon replace the snow with the Australian heat as he gets ready for the upcoming season. He was most recently in Spain practicing with Carlos Alcaraz. If you're wondering how the skiing trip went, check out the video of Sinner skiing below.


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