WATCH: Reporter Slammed For Asking Alcaraz Inappropriate Question

WATCH: Reporter Slammed For Asking Alcaraz Inappropriate Question

by Kadir Macar

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An insensitive question directed at Carlos Alcaraz by a reporter after his semifinal loss at the 2023 Miami Open irked the tennis fans.

Alcaraz, who had a few great weeks, winning the 2023 Indian Wells and reaching the Miami Open semifinals, showed great determination in a three-set clash against Jannik Sinner but ultimately lost 7-6, 4-6, 2-6 to the Italian.

The loss put an end to Alcaraz's bid for the 'Sunshine Double,' having just won the 2023 Indian Wells tournament the previous week. The 19-year-old Spanish sensation will now also fall to No. 2 in the ATP Rankings, but there is nothing to be sad about as he experienced only his second loss this year.

During the press conference, a tone-deaf reporter bombarded Alcaraz with a barrage of "loss" statements, probing the young player about which of his many losses mattered the most to him, asking:

"Carlos, you’ve lost No. 1, you’ve lost the title, you’ve lost the 'Sunshine Double. Does any one of those mean more to you that you've lost or the fact that you've lost the semifinal is all that matters?"

Despite the inappropriate nature of the question, Alcaraz displayed his characteristic grace and maturity by responding in a respectful manner, emphasizing that he was focused on the lost semifinal and not dwelling on missed opportunities.

"For me, I lost the semifinal. I don't think about I lost the number 1, I lost the Sunshine Double, I don't think about it. I had the opportunity to get the Sunshine Double, but I'm going to have more years to try to get it. All I can think about is to prove my level and to beat Jannik. For me it's that I lost the semifinal of a tournament."

Tennis fans across the globe were quick to denounce the journalist's tactless approach, accusing him of failing to "read the room" and over-dramatizing Alcaraz's single defeat as if his entire career was in jeopardy. Social media platforms lit up with support for the young star, as fans expressed their admiration for his composed response in the face of an ill-mannered inquiry.

This incident highlights the importance of media professionals maintaining a respectful and sensitive approach when engaging with athletes, particularly those as young and promising as Carlos Alcaraz.


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