Sinner Uncovers Details About Physical Issue He Dealt With In Wimbledon Loss

Sinner Uncovers Details About Physical Issue He Dealt With In Wimbledon Loss

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner was unwell during his match against Daniil Medvedev at the 2024 Wimbledon Championships, and he uncovered details about his issues afterward.

The Italian took a medical timeout midway through the match because he was visibly struggling and even went off the court for a while. The medical staff checked his blood pressure, which indicated that it wasn't an injury but more likely an illness or dizziness.

After the loss, he admitted to the media, after being asked, that he wasn't feeling too well earlier in the morning before the match, especially during the quarter-final match against the Russian player.

When he went off the court, he felt dizzy but returned and tried his best, which was close to winning the match. Ultimately, he lost the match in five sets.

"Yeah, I wasn’t feeling great. I didn’t vomit. But I took some time because I was quite dizzy. Off-court, I had the toughest time, maybe. When I went back, I tried my best. Obviously disappointed about the third set. I had a couple set points and couldn’t use them. Fourth set I raised my level a bit. In the fifth I had one poor service game with decided the match."

Sinner didn't want to take anything away from Medvedev, who did play a really good match. Sinner put him under a lot of pressure, but the Russian handled all of that well and won the match.

It was a great match from both, given the circumstances, and the level was great for a good part of the match, which is why Sinner didn't want to take anything away from his opponent. In the Italian's eyes, the Russian fully deserved the win.

"This morning I already didn’t feel great. I had some problems and then with the fatigue. It was tough. Nothing to take away from Daniil. I think he played very smart, good tennis. That’s it."

"I went off the court. I actually didn’t want to go off. The physio told me it was better to take some time because he watched me and I didn’t seem in shape to play. I was struggling physically. It wasn’t an easy moment. I tried to fight with what I had today. That’s it."


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