Sinner Rejects 'One To Beat' Tag Despite Still Being Undefeated In 2024

Sinner Rejects 'One To Beat' Tag Despite Still Being Undefeated In 2024

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner might not have lost in 2024 yet, but the Italian doesn't see himself as 'the one to beat,' choosing to remain humble amid recent success.

Sinner has always been one of the most humble tennis players on the ATP Tour. The Italian might be relatively young, but he's had a couple of seasons under his belt, so he knows better than just to assume that the recent positive run will last forever.

This is a sport with many ups and downs, so while he's playing amazing tennis right now, months when he'll struggle will likely come up. Very few really expected Sinner to sustain his successful run this year.

It started in the summer of last year when he won the Canadian Open. Then, he won a couple of smaller events before making the ATP Finals final and winning the Davis Cup. The crowning moment was obviously the Australian Open, but he triumphed in Rotterdam recently as well.

Even with all of that, Sinner isn't comfortable with being considered 'the one to beat'. As he told Vanity Fair, that's a pretty big word and he's right. There are many great tennis players who are capable of both beating him and winning events.

"The one to beat” is a big word. I'm number 4 [now 3] in the world. For the moment. It's certainly a good result, but now I still have to work, prepare for everything, because by now my opponents know me well, even my weaknesses. I'm one of those to beat, let's say."

Sinner rejects being called the one to beat

Staying humble isn't something new to Sinner. That's been his approach for much of his career, and so far, it's worked out really well. He recently rejected the Sanremo festival to play in Rotterdam, which shows his dedication to tennis.


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