Sinner Gives Djokovic Chance To Catch Up But World No. 1 Spot Safe Despite Wimbledon Loss

Sinner Gives Djokovic Chance To Catch Up But World No. 1 Spot Safe Despite Wimbledon Loss

by Zachary Wimer

Jannik Sinner's earlier-than-anticipated exit from the 2024 Wimbledon Championships won't lose him to the number one rank, but it gives Novak Djokovic the chance to catch up.

The Italian entered Wimbledon as the World No. 1 player on the ATP Tour, and he will remain world number one after the tournament. That much was clear even before the event, but his loss in the quarter-final against Daniil Medvedev will cost him a lot of points, as he made the semi-final last year.

That opens up a very interesting scenario for currently second Djokovic. The Serbian made the final last year, which earned him 1200 ATP Points. If he wins the grass-court major this year, he'll earn 800 more points, which would put him at 9,160 in total

On the other hand, Sinner's efforts at this year's Wimbledon will cost him 320 points, which means that his total after the event will be 9,570. If Djokovic wins the tournament, he will be only 410 points behind his younger rival, which would ensure that the US Open series will be a long-standing battle between the two for world number one.

The likelihood of Djokovic winning the event isn't the highest among all players because many would argue that Carlos Alcaraz has a higher chance, mostly because of the 37-year-old's knee, which still has to be supported by a knee brace.

However, he's still the second favorite behind the Spaniard, as things stand right now. Alcaraz himself can get closer to becoming a World No. 1 player as well, but as a defending champion, he can't improve his pre-tournament points total, which stood at 8,130 points.

That means that the Spaniard obviously can't overtake Sinner, and his win wouldn't even get him close enough to the Italian, but that may change in the United States.


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