Shelton Wants To Play 'Big Matches' In Australia Even If It Means He Will Be Booed

Shelton Wants To Play 'Big Matches' In Australia Even If It Means He Will Be Booed

by Zachary Wimer

Ben Shelton showed his talent in Australia earlier this year and now hopes to do the same thing when he starts the new season in 2024.

The first time Ben Shelton left the United States was earlier this year. He played at the Australian Open and amazed everyone with his tremendous level. He broke out on the big stage and never really looked back.

Fast forward to now, a day away from 2024, Shelton is back in Australia, hoping to begin a new season, which will hopefully be equally impressive. It'll start at the Brisbane International, a very loaded event with many great players, and he's excited about it. Excited to experience Brisbane for the first time in his life.

Yeah, I think it just depends on who you play here in Brisbane. If I play an Aussie, maybe it's when I walked on John Cain last year against Popyrin and everybody was booing me at the start of the match. I feel like the crowds bring a lot of energy. I've never been to Brisbane before.

He doesn't mind the loud atmosphere and rowdy crowds. In fact, Shelton prefers it, and it's where he plays his best. We saw that at this year's US Open, where he advanced to the semi-final, enjoying the notoriously loud New York crowd.

Every other place in Australia, the crowds have been really rowdy. That's an environment I really enjoy. Whether I'm popular here and cheering for me or whether they're cheering for the other guy, I don't mind either way. I just like playing in environments that I feel like big matches. I've kind of been able to get used to that type of environment throughout the year last year as the year went on.

We'll see how he'll do this year, but there are plenty of reasons to be optimistic. He's the player to watch this year.


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