'Respect By His Fellow Peers' Djokovic's 'Biggest Testimonial' Says McNamee

'Respect By His Fellow Peers' Djokovic's 'Biggest Testimonial' Says McNamee

by Sebastian Dahlman

Former ATP player Paul McNamee is a longtime Novak Djokovic admirer, and he once again heaped praise on the Serbian.

Novak Djokovic has many admirers, especially among those who actually played tennis professionally. That's an important caveat to the whole situation because when you're a former player, you know things about the sport most people don't.

There is a certain kind of relatability that you have to the players, which makes you appreciate what some of them did. Nick Kyrgios played in one Grand Slam final, and the whole experience offered him a glimpse of what some of these legendary players did so many times.

As a former player, Paul McNamee is in the same boat. He won doubles Grand Slams in his career and knows what it takes, which makes him appreciate legends like the 24-time Grand Slam champion from Serbia.

He's not the only one, as many praise the Serbian for being an absolutely amazing tennis player. It's what gives him further legitimacy as the greatest of all time, the fact that so many of his colleagues are coming out and flat-out calling him that.

The sheer respect he gets, even from players who only got to meet him in recent years.

I think one of the biggest testimonials to Novak Djokovic is the respect by his fellow peers. Ever popular in the locker room, current rank & file players see they have never had a top player have their back so much. Not an easy thing btw, so it is to be recognised & applauded.

McNamee on Djokovic on X

It's a pretty good point from McNamee because while ten years ago we kept hearing about Roger Federer, nowadays it's mostly about Novak Djokovic. That sort of thing matters, and it signals a shift in the perception of both legendary players.


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