Novak Djokovic officially out of ATP 1000 Montreal

Novak Djokovic officially out of ATP 1000 Montreal

by Drew Tate

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Novak Djokovic has officially withdrawn from the ATP 1000 event in Montreal on Thursday which was confirmed by the organizers

Djokovic withdrew because he can't enter Canada due to his unvaccinated status. Similar to the US, Canada doesn't allow unvaccinated foreign nationals entry into the country amid the continued battle against the COVID-19 pandemic. Djokovic was never going to play at Montreal anyways due to the country always having this stance.

it became even more apparent that he won't play at the event when a Minister confirmed weeks ago that he can't enter under the current rules. Either Canada would change its rules or Djokovic would have to get vaccinated. Neither happened and he's out along with Oscar Otte who also withdrew. Nick Kyrgios has moved into the main draw of the event due to Djokovic's withdrawal so he might need to buy him a dinner for that one.


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