Djokovic's Message To Kosovo At Roland Garros Met With Mixed Reactions

Djokovic's Message To Kosovo At Roland Garros Met With Mixed Reactions

by Balasz Virag

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Novak Djokovic is a very patriotic man and he's never hidden his love for his country and his people which is why he sent a message after his win at Roland Garros.

Djokovic got his Roland Garros campaign underway with a solid win over Aleksandar Kovacevic. The Serbian needed only 3 sets and a bit over two hours to get it done with an interesting camera message following the win.

Djokovic used the opportunity to send love to Serbs living in Kosovo after the northern part of the country experienced unrest in recent days. It's a very political statement from Djokovic even if there have been opinions that sports and politics shouldn't mix.

Some would argue that sports and politics should be separate while the reality is that they never were. Politics in tennis has been a topic for a while now with the war in Ukraine and Ukranian players keeping it a topic by choice. Djokovic's comment on the camera is no different than that and it's a political statement because it's a political question.

Unrest in the region erupted after Kosovar police escorted the newly elected mayors into the municipal buildings in the north of the country. The north is predominantly populated by Serbs who boycotted the elections. Due to that, Serbian-majority municipalities elected Kosovar mayors who took to their offices a few days ago.

Due to the complicated political situation there, they had to be escorted by police. Protests erupted with civilians clashing with Kosovar police including peace-keeping Nato forces in the region. Djokovic sent a message explaining that Kosovo is the heart of Serbia asking for the violence to stop.

Kosovo is the heart of Serbia. Stop violence.

Djokovic after R1 Roland Garros win

The country proclaimed independence from Serbia in 2008 with 101 of the 193 United Nations members recognising it as an independent country. Djokovic doesn't talk about the topic often but he did comment on it back in 2008 saying that Kosovo is Serbia.

This is one of the worst days in Serbian history. We all know that Serbian history was written in Kosovo and Kosovo is Serbia. That is the way it always should be.

Djokovic in 2008


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