Novak Djokovic May Have Stadium At Australian Open Named After Him Says Tournament Director

Novak Djokovic May Have Stadium At Australian Open Named After Him Says Tournament Director

by Sebastian Dahlman

Novak Djokovic has been incredibly impressive at the Australian Open, and he might get rewarded for it in a fantastic way.

The best reward for Djokovic has been winning the trophy as many times as he did at the event, but another honour might be bestowed upon him in the future. Australian Open director Craig Tiley admitted recently that Djokovic might get a court named after him at the complex due to his excellent performances at the event over the years.

Djokovic won the 10th Australian Open earlier this year, completing an incredible achievement. It's his best Grand Slam event, and he and Melbourne have a special connection.

He loves to play there. It was his first Grand Slam, and he might get a court named after him. Tiley was asked about it recently, and he shared his thoughts about it.

You’re the second person who’s asked me that today. Look, I mean, ultimately the naming of the arena is not my decision or tennis Australia’s because we….a lot of people don’t really understand the Wimbledon and the French and the US Open, they own the facility in which they run their events.

We lease it, and the government, the Victorian Government, owns our facilities, and we lease the facilities from them, and we are fortunate that they invest in those facilities, but we don’t own them. So naming of an arena would be a combination of input that would have to happen. But I would be certainly a supporter of recognising Novak in some way, unbelievable achievements here in Australia.

Now, whether that comes to fruition remains to be seen, but Djokovic could be honoured in various ways. Nadal's achievements at Roland Garros were honoured with a statue, so that might also be a possibility. We're not too far from the event, and Djokovic looks unstoppable right now. Number 11 looming?


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