'Novak At 36 Is Still Looking For Improvement': Sinner's Coach Looks To Djokovic For Inspiration

'Novak At 36 Is Still Looking For Improvement': Sinner's Coach Looks To Djokovic For Inspiration

by Zachary Wimer

Darren Cahill is a very accomplished tennis coach, but he doesn't rest on his laurels, as he's always looking for inspiration to become a better coach.

The Australian has done amazing work with a few players over his coaching career, including the former world no. 1 players Andre Agassi, Simona Halep, and, most recently, Jannik Sinner.

Sinner's transformation under his guidance has been amazing to see, with even some players struggling to comprehend it. He's arguably the best player in the world right now after his sensational start to 2024, which saw him already win three trophies, one of which was the Miami Open.

Speaking after his protege's triumph at the Miami Open, Cahill reflected on finding inspiration in Novak Djokovic, who keeps improving even when he's 36, showing to the 22-year-old Italian that he can still improve.

The Serbian has been known as one of the best players in the world for over a decade, and he's still working on his game and perfecting his craft. That's very inspirational for Cahill, who seeks to help his players become the best versions of themselves.

"It's the great thing about Novak as well. Novak at 36 years of age is still looking for improvement in his game, and we know that he's going to make adjustments. We know that Medvedev will make adjustments. We know that changes will be made. Carlos continues to look for improvements in his serve. It's just normal."

Cahill enjoys the competitive landscape of tennis where everybody is looking to become better and is pushing forward. It's something he learned early when working with Agassi many years ago.

"I had a chance to work with Agassi when he was 32 years of age. The moment I stepped on the court with Andre, it was all business and he wanted to become better as a tennis player at 32, better than he was at 22."


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